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Stay in the game with the Vox Gaming Overlay powered by Overwolf.

  • BraveRoute
  • MasterBall
  • LoyalBrain
  • JollyCloth
  • AngryCreature
  • HonestRoute

Distinguish Yourself

Server Themes

Impress your users with a custom look and feel applied automatically when they join.

Server Banners

An extension of your server theme used to find and navigate to your server.


Express your identity with a custom avatar that appears along side your username.

Next Level Protection

DDoS Mitigation

Unlike other applications, the distributed nature of Vox Gaming allows your service to be uninterrupted by malicious users.

Protected IP Address

Your private IP address is never exposed to other Vox Gaming users even server administrators.

Server Owner Protection

As a server owner you are guaranteed full access to your server at all times. Your administrator permissions can never be taken away.

Grow Your Group

Easy Invite Links

Hand out your server link to get your friends connected to your server.

No More IPs and Ports

Connect to your server using a textual name instead of a confusing IP address.

Join via Friends

See where your friends are connected and join wherever they go.

Pro Performance

High Quality Voice

Utilizing cutting edge technology you sound great while strategizing with your group.

Doesn't affect your game

A low CPU and memory footprint stays out of your way while you game.

Noise and Echo Cancelation

We make sure the only fans you hear are the ones on your graphics card.

Get started with a free server today and establish your guild on Vox Gaming.